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Ventura, California – Joye Emmens has released her new novel, She’s Gone.  After a successful career in environmental health and biotechnology, Joye recently left Amgen after ten years, to pursue her lifelong dream—writing fiction.  Her new novel became widely available in both print and eBook formats in late-January.

“The story is about Jolie, an oilman’s teenage daughter, who leaves home with her older activist boyfriend to create a better world. As you can imagine, that world isn’t quite what Jolie expects,” Emmens said.

The book begins in Santa Barbara in 1969, with Jolie on the deck of her parents’ home watching an uncontrolled oil spill from an offshore platform.  She is outraged by and motivated to do something.  While her father may be an oil executive, that doesn’t stop Jolie from hitchhiking to the harbor to join an anti-oil drilling protest.

When she shows up on a television broadcast of the demonstration, Jolie’s father forbids any more involvement. But this just fuels the fire burning inside Jolie and she flees home with her older boyfriend Will. Idealistic and ready for anything, she follows Will and his big promises on a cross country journey into the eye of the hurricane —1960s counterculture.  Thrown suddenly into the adult world, Jolie lies about her age and identity, and quickly discovers that nearly everything is more complicated than it seems on the surface—Will included.

The Readers’ Favorite editorial review noted “Joye Emmens deftly explores the political landscape of 1960s America, weaving the war-weary nation with its sundry insurgent groups, from hippy urbanites leaving the city to live off the land in isolated communes to zealous anti-capitalist socialists and the ever-growing Women\’s Liberation Movement. It is this turbulent country she aptly portrays to reflect Jolie\’s personal troubles and make us feel for her situation with striking empathy. Often, I found myself enthralled in the affairs of Jolie\’s life and after each page wished she was closer to harnessing her inner strength in order to leave her controlling boyfriend. Additionally, Emmens\’ descriptions of the historical topography of the places Jolie lives in greatly elevates the story\’s engaging veracity. She\’s Gone, besides being an entertaining exposition into the counterculture that reigned in America\’s mid-twentieth century, is a captivating tale of a girl\’s adventuresome transition into womanhood.” Alysha Allen for Readers’ Favorite awarded She’s Gone 5 stars.

“The oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel that motivated Jolie to action was also the catalyst for the creation of Earth Day and beginning of the environmental movement. Many of the social and political issues Jolie encounters continue to be relevant today,” Emmens said.

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