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“Imagine On the Road set more than a decade later, featuring a female protagonist who vividly comes to life, and whose travels and travails—like the music that sings off the novel’s pages—will remind you of your youth, or the youth you should have had. She’s Gone is a fine read, a book filled with many pleasures.”

-Russell Martin, author of Beethoven’s Hair and The Sorrow of Archaeology

“Courageous and spellbinding. An inspiring coming-of-age story set within the political turmoil of the late 1960’s.” 

– Nancy Cook, author of Unclothed: Fashioning a Life, soon to be released.

“This is a well-written, touching first novel with memorable characters. I look forward to more from this author.”

– Michelle Robin La, author of Catching Shrimp with Bare Hands

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5 Star review from Readers’ Favorite

“Joye Emmens deftly explores the political landscape of 1960s America, weaving the war-weary nation with its sundry insurgent groups, from hippy urbanites leaving the city to live off the land in isolated communes to zealous anti-capitalist socialists and the ever-growing Women’s Liberation Movement. It is this turbulent country she aptly portrays to reflect Jolie’s personal troubles and make us feel for her situation with striking empathy. Often, I found myself enthralled in the affairs of Jolie’s life and after each page wished she was closer to harnessing her inner strength in order to leave her controlling boyfriend. Additionally, Emmens’ descriptions of the historical topography of the places Jolie lives in greatly elevates the story’s engaging veracity. She’s Gone, besides being an entertaining exposition into the counterculture that reigned in America’s mid-twentieth century, is a captivating tale of a girl’s adventuresome transition into womanhood.” – Alysha Allen for Readers’ Favorite